HCCR provides opportunities that put you in the right position with the right organizations at the right time while ensuring your career transition is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Committed Partnership

Changing jobs is ranked as one of the top most stressful experiences that we go through in life. Knowing this, we take extra care to guide you through your career transitions. We take time to learn about you, your experience and career goals and then introduce the best opportunities for you. We create a long-term partnership with you based on open, honest communication, confidentiality, and collaboration – so when the time comes, we put you in the right position in the right organization at the right time.

Excellent Opportunities

As we know the industry so well and work in partnership with exceptional clients, we are privy to many positions that are not openly advertised on the market. Most times, our clients work with us exclusively so we can offer you more opportunities with a wider range of organizations and positions than you can find with other recruiting firms, job websites, or on your own.


Industry Specialization

Specializing in Automotive/Industrial, Healthcare and Consumer allows us to have our finger on the pulse of these industries. We know the market, current trends, what companies are doing internally and externally as well as where they sit in relation to their competitors in the market. In this, we provide you with real market information that allows you to make the best decision for what is best for your next position and ultimately – your career.

People. Process. Power.