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Golden Week Golf Shenanigans

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Tuesday 1st May – Chiba International Country Club

What initially started out as a leisurely round of golf, quickly escalated into a full-blown Ryder Cup-esque competition – pitting the US Team, Casey, and Michael, against the ANZACs (NZ & Aus) Team, Len, and Sean.

Its no secret of the love that the Anzac’s share for each other, but the coming together of a Cleveland Cavalier’s fan and an arch enemy, Golden State Worrier’s (typo…) fan was akin to the shredding of the iron curtain.

The US Team were touted as (self-proclaimed) favourites. Quicker than you could say “Golden State is winning…. let’s jump on the bandwagon” – Len birdied the 1st hole. The US team quickly came to the realization that the “Diggers” were here to play.

When not hitting the bejeezus out of the ball, Michael (aka Tokyo’s answer to Butch Harmon) put his coaching to good use – advising Casey on several critical shots….his impeccable timing also saw him imparting his pearls of putting wisdom to Len…..albeit mid-swing.

It was a see-sawing battle that was finally decided on the 17th hole, with Len “Nerves of Steel” Anderson sinking a 6-foot putt. The ANZAC’s were victorious.

Plans are already underway for our next Golf Challenge to be held in the coming months. Whilst the US Team is out for revenge, our Japanese consultants are also looking to represent and make the most of their home ground advantage.

Meanwhile, Management has already initiated discussions with our building admin to check the feasibility of installing a purpose-built indoor driving range……permits pending.

Last but not least, our internal hiring criteria have been adjusted – with a “slight” bias towards recruiters who shoot a sub-10 handicap.

Suitably qualified applicants please apply….c/o Team Anzacs.