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As many organizations are steering towards a data-driven, strategic approach to talent acquisition, they encounter numerous obstacles when trying to transform how they operate.


Many HR organizations are not equipped with the right know-how, internal talent or IT infrastructure to operate in a more digitally-savvy, strategic approach.


HCCR has developed a suite of services and products to enable the transformation of Talent Acquisition within our client’s organizations.

Central to this suite of solutions is a powerful and simple software platform we have developed that is designed and built for recruiters, by recruiters.


It allows you to make quality hiring decisions, improve recruitment efficiency and provide a more seamless candidate experience.

TA Transformation Solutions

Transformation is difficult to implement at the best of times, let alone within a function that has as much amplified impact on your organization as Talent Acquisition. Dependencies, touchpoints and stakeholder relationships exist across all aspects of an organization’s talent acquisition landscape. 


Across this dynamic landscape we often see organizations expecting Talent Acquisition teams to provide a magic bullet to all of their talent-related challenges. A fundamental shift in mindset is often needed to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your Talent Acquisition endeavors. 


We partner with our clients in executing organization-wide transformation and introduce an objective, commercially-centric perspective as to how to best identify, attract, engage and secure the talent they need.

Role Scoping & Job Description Development

Organizations often struggle to effectively define the objective hiring needs of their company within the context of their existing team and business. We have developed  proprietary approaches to enable our clients to effectively define and scope their requirements in order to drive internal alignment and expedite the acquisition of new talent.


Leveraging business objective-centric approaches that effectively define and align such requirements against the core value-generating aspects of the role, we concisely  document such needs in a manner that ensures alignment amongst internal stakeholders.


Very few decisions can have as profound of an impact on an organization as the selection of new employees, especially senior management and C-suite Executives.

Whether you are in the final stages of making a critical hiring decision or are considering an acquisition of a potential company, HCCR can provide you with an objective, third-party assessment of an individual’s competencies.


Our assessment process focuses on an individual’s core competencies, looking for data-supported evidence of their technical capabilities to handle the role they are being considered for, while also assessing their cultural fit based on predefined metrics that match our client’s organizational DNA.


We can also administer psychometric testing evaluations to produce additional measurable, objective data that can provide you with a more comprehensive view of a candidate’s suitability.

Talent Acquisition

As experienced recruitment and HR professionals, we understand the importance of having a recruitment platform that simplifies your talent operations in order to reduce time to fill and hire.


HCCR has developed a proprietary recruitment platform Zookeep that’s designed to refine your TA operations, increase access to data for better decision making and enhance the overall candidate experience across your hiring process.

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