Companies that consistently hire and retain the best talents have one thing in common: their Employer branding inspires, motivates and nurtures great people who in turn propel their business forward. 


Talent acquisition should fuse aspects of sales and marketing in attempting to attract and hire the best talents. Today’s candidates are more informed, educated and calculated about which company they would like to join. This coupled with shrinking talent pools, poses a very real problem for many companies. To combat this, companies are increasingly having to adopt refined marketing tactics to develop stronger employer branding to better engage with candidates and strengthen their employer brand.


Talent marketing enables an organization to identify, attract, engage and nurture talent before, during and after they apply to your company. When done correctly, talent marketing creates an ongoing talent pipeline allowing you to accelerate hiring, whilst also improving the quality of hiring and reducing reliance on recruitment agencies.

HCCR has a partnership with engin10, Japan’s first dedicated employer branding consultancy.

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engin10 is Japan’s first dedicated employer branding consultancy that is proudly and passionately transforming the way organizations attract, hire and retain exceptional talents.

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