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Our Story

HCCR was established with a vision to provide our clients with expert advice and access to high-calibre talent that make a difference.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and our ability to navigate within our specialist markets.

We have an awesome, hard-working and committed team of recruitment consultants. They are a diligent team who pride themselves on being experts within their specialist markets. A team who will go the extra mile to exceed the expectations of our clients and candidates.

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Our Talent Solutions are individually tailor-made to meet the ever-changing needs and challenges faced by our clients.
Whether you are a Fortune 500, a growing SME or a bright eyed start-up – we’ve got you covered.

Critical Talent

We understand the importance of placing Critical Talent within our client's organizations. Jobs that need to be performed well inorder for our client's business to succeed require Critical Talent. Our clients rely on us as a trusted partner for the aquistion of their Critical Talent. Through expertly structured qualitative interviews we assess the candidate's past performances, present capabilities and future potential.

Critical Talent Solutions are recommended when the need is urgent, the position will have significant impact on your company's performance or there has been a sudden shift within your market and/or business opportunity and you need to act quickly.

Managed Talent Solutions

Our Managed Talent Solutions enables our clients to outsource all or part of their talent acquisition activities to a trusted partner. We will invest the time necessary to fully understand your requirements, then take responsibility for partial or complete end-to-end talent acquisition management from job description creation through to employee on-boarding.

Our Managed Talent Solutions are supported and delivered by specialist consultants with deep expertise within your sector (not by 'generalist' consultants who float across multiple industries). Managed Talent Solutions offer considerable benefits to clients including reduced overall talent acquisition costs, increased visibility and control, streamlined processes and better talent attraction.

Talent Mining

Our Talent Mining Solutions are designed to provide our clients with Insight and Intelligence of specific talent pools and trends within their competitive segments.

Whether the purpose is to map talent availability, analyze defined market segments, better understand your competitors, benchmark your internal remuneration structures or to cultivate future talent pools, our Talent Mining Solutions will allow you to make better-informed decisions based upon real-time market intelligence.

Our Talent Mining Solutions are tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of our clients across a wide range of data points, including, but not limited to: geography, diversity, technology, talent availability and key skillsets.

Angel Talent Acquisition

Did you just hit your Series A and need to scale-up rapidly?

We understand that start-ups need to move efficiently and mitigate potential risks in the early days. Whilst the fundamental skills required by start-ups mirror those of traditional organisations, when it comes to mindset, start-up "ready" employees are a different breed. Having once been a start-up ourselves we understand that whilst you need to scale-up rapidly you also can't afford to make any mistakes along the way, especially regarding your founding team of employees.

We have experience in working with start-ups across all stages of the finance cycle; from Seed to Growth and Series A to Series C.

We also understand that as a start-up, given the choice, you would much rather allocate your precious seed capital towards product development, rather than talent acquisition. With this in mind, we offer our start-up clients flexible Angel Talent Acquisition Solutions that are focused on mutual long-term success. We are invested in seeing you succeed.

Talent Search

Our Talent Search Solutions respond quickly to sudden changes within your organization filling individual and multiple roles as they emerge due to team expansion or staff departures.

Our Talent Search Solutions are suited for clients who are looking to fill individual contributor roles on a non-confidential basis.



Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Public Infrastructure


  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Data Security
  • Embedded & Semicon
  • SaaS

Life Sciences

  • BioTech
  • Consumer Health
  • Medical Device
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Regenerative Medicine

Our Values

We are working within an increasingly digital environment. As recruiters, we know that it’s the human connections that will define our brand and success. All the algorithms in the world will never replace emotion and intuition.

We see our role as more than just order takers. We respect our client’s opinions. They are experts in their field. We are experts in ours. We choose to take an objective and consultative approach with our clients on all matters relating to Talent Acquisition. As Talent experts it’s our job to give our clients professional and pragmatic advice.

Do the right thing. Deliver upon your commitments. Have integrity. Lead from the front.

We strive to be the best. We know we’re up against tough competition. This drives us even harder to stay ahead. No lone wolves in our pack. We support and encourage one another toward greatness.

Loosen the necktie…or better still don’t wear one (unless you absolutely need to…). We always take our work seriously, but never ourselves…well, at least most of the time. Happiness doesn’t need to be a sacrifice for success.

Meet Our Team


Sean Travers


Masumi Hamano

Executive Consultant

Casey Abel

Global Head of BD & Strategic Accounts

Taichiro Ishida

Talent Solutions Partner

Ryan Marshall

Head of Operations

Xavier Neme

Executive Consultant


Jordan Bronstein

Global Director of Business Development

Santosh Saude

Operations Director

Nate Guild

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

Koji Yaginuma

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

Harold Petty

Talent Solutions Partner

Samuel Loparo

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Aaron Mollin

Senior Consultant

Zeeshan Naglekar

Industrial & Infrastructure Practice Lead – India & SE Asia

Aira Saito

Business Development Manager

Aboli Deshmukh

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Chris Kabilov

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Dona Pardo

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Ryuichi Sugaya

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Shiena Chung

Associate Talent Acquisition Specialist

Chelsea Lee

Associate Talent Acquisition Specialist

Hayato Sumita

Associate Talent Acquisition Specialist

Javaughn Campbell

Associate Talent Acquisition Specialist

Business Team

Muhammad Raliansyah

Digital Marketing Executive

Kyoko Yagi

Office Manager

Izumi Kikuchi

Business Support Manager

Work here

We’ve built a team of dedicated industry experts who are driven to succeed and aspire to be the best.

We are committed to building an inclusive, healthy, social work culture, where our staff are empowered to reach their full potential. We have no glass ceilings.

We look for strong team players. We’re not interested in working with lone wolves who ignore everyone else and only focus on themselves. It’s just not who we are.

Be part of making us great and join an organisation that rewards and recognises success.


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