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Shell Acquires sonnen!

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Shell is diving off the deep end into energy storage with the acquisition of 100% of Germany energy storage and solution provider Sonnen.

The acquisition builds on Shell’s investment into the company last year through its Shell Ventures arm and shows that Royal Dutch Shell sees an energy future that is not dependent on its current portfolio of oil and gas products. Acquiring one of the leading energy storage solution providers gives Shell a platform through which it can explore the potential of stationary energy storage and, more importantly, leap to the cutting edge of intelligent energy storage products.

sonnen’s ecoLinx product line, which was unveiled in the back half of last year, brought revolutionary new integration into the entire home. The energy storage hub allowed homeowners to not only control the energy flowing into and out of their home but thanks to their breakthrough integration with Eaton’s smart breakers, also provided granular control over individual circuits within the home.

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Source: https://cleantechnica.com/2019/02/15/shell-acquires-sonnen/

Author: Kyle Field

Image Credit: Sonnen Website